研究会「異世界に魅せられる――江戸時代後期における海外の古物との邂逅」 2022年度-2024年度科学研究費助成事業(基盤研究(C))「近世後期の好古・考証研究の源流と展開に関する学際的国際共同研究」研究会
Date: June 14, 2022
Time: 18:00 – 19:30
Place: Zoom

Confucian Scholars in the Late Tokugawa Period
(poster, bilingual program, Youtube)
Date: December 19, 2021
Time: 13:00 – 16:30
Place: Sophia University, Bldg 2-409


Bettina Gramlich-Oka: ”Creation of and Participation in Networks: Visiting the Japan Biographical Database” (Livestream / Virtual) at CJS Lecture Series, December 9, 2021.

Bettina Gramlich-Oka: ”Family Networks in the Tokugawa Period” (Zoom) at Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture Lecture for SORW, November 11, 2021.

EAJS2021: Publishing in peer reviewed journals, August 25, 2021 (Youtube)

Bettina Gramlich-Oka: “Studying Networks in Japanese History: The Japan Biographical Database.” (International Webinar) at Seshadpripuram Evening Degree College (Bengaluru, India), April 5, 2021.