Reparation Lawsuits Against Japan’s Colonial and Wartime Atrocities

Principal Investigator

Keyao Pan (Florida International University)


This is an ongoing project to digitize reparation lawsuits against Japanese colonial and wartime atrocities (most famously the “comfort women” system and Nanjing Massacre) into a graph database. Since the late 1980s, survivors of colonial and wartime atrocities by the Japanese empire had launched over one hundred lawsuits against Japanese government entities and corporations for redress and apology. A legalistic overview of the movement can be found here ( Information about the lawsuits is taken from publicly available sources such as the 日本戦後補償裁判総覧 (, digitized, processed, and exported in different forms, such as relational database as here and as cypher codes executable by graph database management or processing systems such as Neo4j.