Christian Missions in Japanese History (ca. 1550–ca. 1950)

Project Leader

Bettina Gramlich-Oka (Professor, Japanese History, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Graduate School of Global Studies, Sophia University)

Database Administrator

Leo Born

Project Administrator

Asano Yūsuke (Outsourced staff of Sophia Archives, Sophia School Corporation)


Following the example of the “China Historical Christian Database” (, the project “Christian Missions in Japanese History (ca. 1550–ca. 1950)” provides biographical information of missionaries and their activities related to Japan since their earliest arrivals.

Research Objectives

With the tools of JBDB we aim to produce a platform for related research projects (apart from working in collaboration with the CHCD) to join hands to offer new insights into the activities of missionaries throughout their history. Encompassing individual activities to those of governmental and public institutions, we hope that the tools’ visualizations of the relations and collaborations among distinct groups reveal new approaches for analyses and interpretations.