The Japan Biographical Database (JBDB) is a database aimed at accumulating information on historical figures related to Japan. Using a modern JavaScript web application, we have set up a PostgreSQL database based on the database construction of the China Biographical Database (CBDB) to accumulate data and edit its functions. The project is part of the “Project to Build an International Collaborative Research Network for Pre-modern Japanese Texts” (NIJL-NW project).

Note that in order to enter and edit data, you will need to obtain a user account and log in.



Network Analysis and Prosopography

  1. To provide access points to information and events on various historical figures related to Japan and the Japanese people.
  2. To use visualization tools in the applications to try to understand the connections between people and organizations, and political and economic networks.
  3. Enrich the functions of the various applications so that they can be used in a wide range of research fields.



Networks of the Rai Family in the Late Tokugawa Period

Interdisciplinary International Research on the Origin and Development of Antiquarianism and Evidence-based Scholarship in the Late Tokugawa Period

Database of Personal Interaction in the Kamigata Literary Circle from the Middle to the Late Edo Period

Japans Studierende an deutschen Universitäten

Creative Collaborations: Salons and Networks in Kyoto and Osaka 1780–1880

History of Sophia University

Europe and Japan in the Early Modern Period (1549–1640)

Filmmakers’ networks in 1930s Japan and beyond: The Narutaki scriptwriting collective

Shogakai and the Literati Network from the 18th to 20th Century

Reparation Lawsuits Against Japan’s Colonial and Wartime Atrocities

Crossways of Knowledge in the Collection of Naitō Shigeko (1800–1880)

 Christian Missions in Japanese History (ca. 1550–ca. 1950)



Project Leader

Bettina Gramlich-Oka (Japanese History, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Graduate School of Global Studies, Sophia University)

Database Administrator

Leo Born (Heidelberg University)

Project Administrator

Asano Yūsuke (Temporary employee of Sophia Archives, Sophia School Corporation)

Web/Visuals Design

Beatrice Melo (Research Assistant of Institute of Comparative Culture, Sophia University)